Scott Kiche b.1974


Scott Kiche is a contemporary representational realist artist living in Los Angeles. The artist was born in Guatemala in 1974. Like many artists Kiche's journey in art began at a very early age. His natural talent along with the encouragement of teachers and family helped to create in him the commitment to become a fine artist. Kiche is a realist artist and has worked in this style throughout his entire career. He has exhibited works in Mexico City, and through out the entire U.S . He has received awards in several group shows and has been published both in books and artistic magazine publications. In 2011 Kiche’s work was chosen to appear in the children’s movie SPY KIDS 4. In 2010 he participated with The International Realism Guild in a two year traveling museum exhibition that explored the current state of realism in the 21st century. He has been and is a member of many prestigious art organizations such as, The California Art Club, The international realism guild Of America and  by invitation The American Society Of Traditional Artists. In 2014 Scott was honored to have been invited to exhibit his work in the historically important TRAC2014 conference in CAL Lutheran University. It was a gathering of some of the most prestigious and influential representational artists not just in the country but throughout the world. He is currently represented by The Wally Workman Gallery in Austin TX, the Jack Meier Gallery in Houston TX and the Tartaglia fine art gallery in Ojai CA .  Scott Kiche is an emerging talent upon the American artistic landscape. Over the years his work has been and continues to be collected by art enthusiasts, corporate buyers and fellow artists a like.